IMac does not wake up at Infuse 5 Pro

Has anyone still the problem infuse can not wake the iMac?
As a router I use Time Capsule.
Kodi and Plex wake up the iMac immediately.
Apple TV 4, iMac and Time Capsule are up to date.
The problem I have with the iPad, iPhone and 2x Apple TV 4.
Do I perhaps introduce something wrong?
If I install the app Wake on Lan, it works as well.
Infuse supports Wake on Lan, why does not it work?
Does somebody has any idea?

Sorry for my bad English.

Greetings from Germany

No one idea?

Infuse does support WoL. Which version of macOS are you using?

I use Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1, TVOS 10.0.1 and Infuse Pro 5.0.2
Everything is up to date.
The problem I have already had with Infuse 4.
On the server it can not be. (IMac 5K)
Plex, kodi and serviio I have tried as a server. Always the same problem.
Plex, Kodi and Serviio as a client on the Apple TV works without problems, but infuse does not work.
It does not take 5 seconds and the iMac wakes up.
I have 2 x the Apple TV 4, on both is the same problem.
As a router I have the new Apple Time Capsule.
I thought it was on the network, but it can not because Plex, Kodi and Serviio work without problems.
If Infuse supports WOL, why does it work with ALL the others, only Infuse does not.
I have fulfilled all the requirements. Everything new Apple devices, everything on the latest stand, but no WOL.

It would be nice if someone could finally help me from the Infuse-Team.

I made a video and uploaded it to Dropbox. Since you see the problem.