Imac connecting to ATV XBMC by FTP can't connect

Hi, I was wondering now that I use ATV XBMC edition how I can access the 160gb hard drive by FTP. I can’t seem to connect by just using the IP address (local 10.0.0.xx) I have an ethernet connection and I can access my iMac from the ATV to stream movies, however, I want to copy movies onto the drive.

I have cyberduck 2 and tried to AppleTV method described in the knowledge base that I used to use but this no longer works. (i.e. using AppleTV.local etc). Is there a method I can use to copy the files directly to the hard drive by FTP or something similar over ethernet?

Is there a Gotham/XBMC password I’m missing to access locally? Thanks.

So I can seem to contact the ATV by SFTP but I can’t login. I’ve tried xmbc and no password (as per Gotham Wiki) and frontrow, frontrow, root, alpine all to no avail. Can anyone provide any guidance as to how to connect with the ATV now?