I'm disappointed

I have just bought “Infuse for Apple TV”. I am very disappointed.

It lacks two important features that were present in ATV2:

  1. List view.
  2. The mark already seen films.

Both of these changes are included in the plan for future updates. If I remember correctly, should both of these points come with the Infuse 4.1 . For my part , I think it is better to fix the bugs that are already there , before adding new features .

It’s just annoying:
You get used to something great, and suddenly it is no longer there.

Compared to ATV2 flash, Infuse for ATV4 is a joke. I changed back to ATV2 and wait.
In present condition I can not recommend Infuse for ATV4.

Just give them some slack. It’s a complete different ‘mobile’ OS. It’s not that easy to port with all features included. They have a roadmap with is taken care off. If you don’t like whats currently there, don’t use it, they are working on it. Then check back soon to see if the update has been released with those requested features.