I'm back

After I had a few weeks ago so trouble with unwatched list; I’ve changed to plex. I like plex because the ui is very good (but the ui of infuse is good, too).
But Plex has a big problem : If I direct play a video, some 1080p videos are stuttering. And the support of plex is not so good.

However, I like it that plex is managing all data on a server. I can use it with android, ipad, Windows PC and apple tv. Editing is easier, because I can mark many movies or tv shows/episodes at once and do some operations (like mark as unwatched). All this I can do on a Windows PC without using my beamer and apple tv.

So I will stay with plex, but not with the apple tv plex app.Yesterday I tried infuse again with plex connection. And with the plex connection, infuse works as it should. I have the Actual List which shows me all my 34 tv shows, which I am actual viewing. Sure, the unwatched list is still limited and because there are every unwatched season, I see not all my unwatched tv shows. But this is now not so important for me, because I can use the Actual List.

So I am happy with infuse again and looking forward for new features (with plex connection)

Best wishes

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

We have lots of good things in the pipeline for Plex and non-Plex users alike.