I'm an Idiot about XBMC

No matter how much I read about it, I still can't quite figure out exactly what XBMC does?

I know it makes it possible to play files that aren't in iTunes and/or aren't iTunes compatible, but does it allow me to watch video from websites like Hulu, MLB.TV, Vimeo and others?

If you get a server application like PLAYON it will allow you to watch all of that.  The server application uses a technology to transcode on the fly.  Called DLNA and it will take the incoming streams and transcode them into a UPNP stream, which XBMC can use. 


There are at least ten different server applications besides PLAYON that can work on any workstation in your home network.


welcome to a new 40 hour a week hobby


What confuses me the most is how many levels there seem to be.

First you have to jailbreak, then you can install ATVFlash, then you can install XBMC and then you can install something like PLAYON which allows you to watch Hulu, etc.

Would love ATVFLASH to make an install that puts XBMC on atv2. Then configures XBMC with hulu, iplayer, and several other plugins for XBMC. Make it all dummy proof.

found we DO NOT need PLAYON.  there is a "REPOSITORY" that adds the stream functionality of HULU directly to the XBMC application.  just look for the BLUECOP repository, and follow the instructions posted on the discussions here about how to install it on XBMC.