ill pay you to help me set up nas on appletv black

hey, as the title says. If you are located in the orange county, california area and would like to make quick cash, id like help setting up my apple tv to my nas. I currently have the airport extreme N basestation and a harddrive connected to it. I have one apple tv at the moment, if it works out well, id like to learn from you as you set it up so i can set up the rest of my TVs in the house. 

I really dont know how involved it really is, so ill start off with a $50 offer plus gas money. No offense if this is a low ball, but i thought itd be worth a shot. 


email me @


I’m in Laguna Niguel. But first, what’s working for you so far? Have you setup iTunes so that it’s pointing to an iTunes library on your NAS?



well. i wanted to run xmbc or anything of the sort directly from nas, skipping itunes. 

Not to sure on your setup , but my setup im running a wd mydrivelive 2t into my verison wireless router .

Reason for my setup ws to have no pc running as the wireless router never off so no need for pc wasting power.

Big big tip ^an give is try and hard wire the atv2 as the atv2 i have in my living room plays everything 720 ,1080 etc no buffering with anything my tv upstairs only plays 720 or lower and sometimes i get  annoying buffering.

The wd mydrivelive is abot 150 well worh it loading all yourmedia onto it is theonly bad part it takes time but if you haave a desktop pc with 2 ethernets on it transfer is way faster.

Btw i live in NJ so i cant hell in person.