I'll Never Forget What's'isname (1967)

I assume the odd word in the title is throwing it off, but Infuse can’t find metadata for this movie. Only film so far where I’ve been completely unable to get Infuse to recognize it even after trying different combinations of words, etc.

(No idea if it’s any good btw, but it has Orson Welles, so can’t be that bad right?)

I tried “I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname 1967.mkv” exact file name and it found it right away.

Give that a shot with what ever extension you are using and see if that gets you the right info.

It’s a DVD image. And in any case, Infuse should display the movie when I type that into the prompt, no?

If you name the file on your server with the exact name above that I used with what ever extension your file is it should find it without you having to search for it. If the file name is different it may or may not find it on the moviedb. I don’t understand exactly how the API for them works but I do know that what I tried did work and sometimes the file name affect what comes up in the search…

Always try different titles according to different countries. I for myself have for example a big Asian library, where titles often are hard to find. Try IMDB for variations of this.

I do and this is the only title it was released under.

If I metadata search for “I’ll Never Forget What’s’isname”, it ought to show me that movie regardless of the filename. If Infuse isn’t doing that, it’s a bug!

It may well be a bug but I’d guess it’s with the API that is used.

All I can tell you is that a solution to your issue is to change the file name to the one that is tried and shown to work.

As a side note. I did start with a new file and named it boo 2012.mkv and it found Book Of Eli but when I went to edit metadata and started entering the name of your movie I got as far as “Ill ne” and your movie popped up as the second choice with the correct name and date so You may want to try it again.

It’s a DVD folder, so that may have something to do with the bug.

Just tried it here on a completely unrelated DVD folder, and was able to find the correct movie by searching for “ill never forget” (no apostrophes).

See attached.