Ignore horizontal subtitle position

I have some files which inexplicably show .srt subtitles justified on the left side of the screen. I see that Infuse offers a vertical alignment adjustment, but is there any way to tell Inufse to center the subtitles horizontally?

Edit: I opened the .srt file, and here is an example of an entry:

00:00:08,050 --> 00:00:09,760
<font size="41">{\an1}What if it does go wrong?</font>

Apparently the {\an1} tag is responsible for the horizontal positioning. And there are other options for positions corresponding to {\an1} through {\an8}. Manually deleting that tag seems to return it to the center position. Maybe Infuse could have an option to ignore that format tagging itself? (Also, font size 41 is huge. It looks ridiculous in the Plex app, but luckily Infuse already seems smart enough to scale it to down to a more reasonable size)

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