Ignore-ability for directories or files (in media app)?

OK, so here’s the situation.


I have a shared called “media”

It has several directory structures:

DVD<genre><Disc Image>

iTunes Music<iTunes structure>





The “DVD” folder works, but I have purchased many seasons of TV shows and media doesn’t support TV shows on DVD.  Bummer, but can I exclude them then?  That way they won’t show up and drive me crazy when they get mis-categorized :slight_smile:

Similarly, the “iTunes Music” folder works, but it doesn’t handle two things properly:

  • It doesn’t seem to read the file metadata, so it tries to file the movie based on the filename, not on the file’s metadata.  This is annoying!

  • It doesn’t seem to know what a music video is.  This is a bit funny, because C Lo Green’s “Fuck You” video came up as “Young People Fucking”.  Which I hadn’t heard of before.  I was a bit surprised :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to restrict filetypes in a particular directory, or to restrict some directories from being scanned at all (or to have a way to easily clean them up/remove them from the media player if they do get scanned incorrectly)


What do you think?

PS: a document describing how DVD files should be labeled (there’s good docs on tv show names, but not on VIDEO_TS naming) would be great!


Or a wiki and we can add it for you :slight_smile: