iFaith 1.5.9 blob upload question

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using iFaith to download my shsh blobs / AP tickets since 5.0.x now.   Only thing I’ve noticed is that for the life of me, it never uploads anything to the Cydia / iFaith servers.

I’ve seen a few posts here that show members successfully showing more recent versions uploaded and sitting on either Cydia or iFaith cache servers.

Everytime I attempt it, it says successful, but when I check the servers again… nothing shows up except a 5.0 build I did months ago.  Turned off anti-virus/firewalls even (using BitDefender) and still doesn’t help.

Although I do save them locally on my machine, for the life of me never got them uploaded.   If you have any any suggestions, I’m all ears.


same for me…

have 5.3 only local - don’t know why it doesn’t appear after uploading

iFaith 1.51 or later are the ones that automatically uploads iFaith shsh to iFaith Server.

I haven’t check that i will upgrade one Apple tv to 5.3 and will post again to see if it works for me.

Great thanks.

And I used 1.5.9 for this last attempt, so if you dont use that version and it works, let us know!

I just got a good piece of advice from someone on the #JailbrakeQA IRC that I though was quite clever.  If you are looking to back-up your shsh blobs somewhere and it’s not uploading them to any TSS server, email them to yourself.

Assume this means a browser based service - gmail, hotmail, yahoo… or it’s not worth it if you download all your emails to your disk drive again. :slight_smile:

Thought I’d share.

Ped you are right they don’t show up when you save for 5.3 they only show up to version 5.2.

But I think they are there cause I updated one Apple tv with out saving blobs and seasonpass gave me error with no blolbs available on my mac.

Then I used iFaith 1.59 on my pc to save blolbs (it did Locally and uploaded to iFaith Server) and then try it again on my mac and this time it worked.

So maybe it’s still working.