if you have to choose between 5.0.2 or 5.1 or 5.2 which is better???

which ios firmware is better 

5.0.2  or 5.1 or 5.2  ???

they are all working untethered and i feel like one is better than the other . but need your opignion too . thx

I think I’ve read where 5.2 is the only version that can also support a wireless keyboard.

That would certainly make it superior to the rest.

5.0.2 is less bloated so it runs faster. 


Somehow I always choose 5.0.2

Funny… because that is the most hated version of all – if all the 5.0.2 problems reported here are to be believed.

If you’re reselling, I would suggest you switch to another untethered version, if available.  I, for sure, would never buy another non-jailbroken 5.0.2 given the odds that they will need to be turned into 5.3’s.

Then again, if the unit is already jailbroken, it doesn’t matter at all.

At this point, I see non-jailbroken version 5.0.2’s advertised for sale – and just cringe.

And I guess I don’t understand what “less bloated” means, but being able to use a keyboard with version 5.2 to deal with all the crazy ICE FILMS captchas necessary these days is a HUGE practical advantage. 


Rowmote can be installed on an IOS device (ipod, iphone, etc.) and that gives keyboard access.