If using iCloud Sync, how do I know my cloud backup is complete?

Having issues with my AppleTV and want to reset it. But don’t want to lose my manually created playlists. So I turned on iCloud Sync because that appears to be the only way to back Infuse data up —- is that correct?

How will I know the data is successfully in the cloud?

Go to the Infuse settings and then the “library” page of settings. It will show the number of Movies, TV shows, and “other”, below that will be a textual message of what Infuse is doing including syncing to iCloud. After it finishes completely syncing to icloud it will show a "Last Updated… " message. If it stays on that last updated message for more than a few minutes it should be compete. Sometimes it will show complete and then start another sync so make sure you let it sit on complete for a couple of minutes to make sure.

Go through this right after you launch Infuse and you should see it go through the fetching and updating then the icloud sync.

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Okay. See that. Cool. Thanks.

So I wanted to watch content in an “extras” folder. Annoyingly, I wasn’t able to view this content via the “movies folders” option … so I had to go to the share and add the specific extras folder as a favorite. Problem is, after I removed that folder as a favorite, the items in that extra folder still exist on the home page (category “unsorted”) and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. They shouldn’t be there (being as they are in an “extras” folder they shouldn’t exist in the library).

Tell me again what is the point of viewing content by folder? Because it doesn’t seem any different than viewing via the library. If a movie is scanned wrong, or not scanned at all, you can’t find it (like you would expect you should be able to) in its folder. My expectation, at least, is that viewing the favorited folders would be the same as browsing the file directory — so that everything I have is accessible, whether infuse correctly identifies the associated movies or tv episodes in TMDB or not. Sadly, this is not the case. Very frustrating.

I really want to like this app; but the more time I put into it the more I find it fails to live up to expectations.

My entire media library has been associated with the correct movie or tv episode data from TMDB via Kodi on my laptop — and each movie and tv folder has those correct .nfo files and .jpgs. And yet, what Kodi does perfectly with its version of the TMDB API, Infuse consistently makes ridiculous choices using the same source — by which I mean every item in my collection is organized and named so that TMDB provides the correct movie or episode data from TMDB on the first try (because if it doesn’t at first, I rename it until it does). So by the time Infuse ever sees a single item in my collection, TMDB has already batted 1.000 via Kodi.

So why does Infuse constantly disregard the #1 choice (and often the #2, #3, #4, #5 etc. best choices) to instead identify my titles with nonsensical selections that have barely any relation to the correct title?

Here’s a few that would seem easy enough…

Example: Filename: “Wonder (2017)”
Kodi Identifies it (using TMDB) as the movie “Wonder” from 2017.
Infuse skips over “Wonder” and identifies it as “Wonder Woman” (also from 2017). WTF?
I mean, I already have a file named “Wonder Woman (2017)” tagged (correctly) as Wonder Woman. Why would there be two? To manually edit the title in Infuse, you have to scroll up (to the first item TMDB offered that Infuse decided to skip) to get the correct title.

Worse example: Filename: “Quiet Place, A (2018)”

Kodi (via TMDB): “A Quiet Place” from 2018

Infuse: “A Quiet Place Part II” from 2021.

WTF? Why are you (Infuse) ignoring the year??? TMDB GIVES YOU the 2018 original as the first choice. But you tag it as the sequel? WHY???

Or how about Filename: “Karate Kid, The (1984)”
Kodi obviously tags this as the ‘classic’ 1980’s Ralph Macchio / Pat Morita film.
Infuse tags it as the Jaden Smith / Jackie Chan film from 2010. WHY?!?! “1984” is right there in the file name!!

Filename: “Lion (2016)”
Infuse: “The Lion King” (1994).

Filename: “Joe (2014)”
Infuse: “G.I. Joe Retaliation” (2013)

It’s really mind-boggling. Ignore what’s there just to put an arguably more popular film in its place? Why?

I originally had no idea just how stupid Infuse was in its choices because (unlike TV shows, for whatever reason) Infuse is hiding the fact it pulls the wrong films by presenting them with my custom poster and fanart .jpgs and titles lifted from the .nfo files.

So I’d only discover the errors when titles I owned wouldn’t show up in series collections where they ought to, or the movie descriptions and cast lists were obviously completely wrong (because Infuse only pulls titles, release years and genres from my .nfo files, but not cast or descriptions.


For my next trick, I’m running a batch rename on all my .nfo and .jpg file extensions to prevent Infuse from obfuscating its poor selections, to see just how bad the problem really is. Should be interesting.