If my ATV2 isn't using the newest software, will SP update it to the newest when jailbreaking?

I have a non-jailbroken ATV2 that is using 4.3 software I believe. If I use season pass now will it jailbreak the ATV2 and keep it 4.3… or now that the new software is out, will it be updated to 4.4.


I’d really like to keep my ATV2 at 4.3 so I can run Plex and so I can have it untethered.

No, it won’t update to the latest version of the OS. See the Blog post on what to do if you want the new version - See the post here.

 Same for me - I’ve got my first ATV2 yesterday. It has iOS 4.2.1 as I remember. I would like to jailbreak it with OS 4.3 but not 4.4 How I should run Seas0npass to make it so?

I got a 2nd ATV2 yesterday it’s on 4.3 but i can’t seem to get the older version of season pass to work i keep getting the error message


Apple TV could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1645)

I was trying to restore both to old clean 4.3 and modified by Seasonpass - both return an error 3194. Bad news I guess, Apple has stopped to sign older version :( 

So I have restored to newest 4.4 w/o jailbreak - will wait for untethered jailbreak and XBMC fix


oddly just tried loding atv flash on the off chance & it would appear to have worked 8)


I was on 4.3 as it was just bought, i just used the older version of seasonpass as the new one is for 4.4 then loaded atv flash has worked perfectly even though i got an error while jailbreaking :confused:

That is strange, because I was trying to restore Apple TV with clean 4.3 in iTunes and I failed in the same way as I have tried with SeasonPass usage.

Where I can get that older version of SP?


Not sure i had it on my mac from last time, i now seem to have a problem with my original atv 2 after testing out airplay in 2 rooms i got black screen on the older one ! may have to restore it now !

managed after several attempts to restore & jailbreak my original atv 2 was a little worried as it took about 5 go’s ! 

OK, will try to do JB for 4.3 tomorrow when will be back home

I’m in the same boat - I want to jailbreak untethered … worth doing or will the untethered 4.4 be out soon?  Does seas0npass backup blobs?

I am currently on the untethered 4.3 jailbreak.

There are some compatibility problems between this atv2 version, xbmc and specific xbmc add-ons.

How do I downgrade to untethered 4.2.2 jailbreak?

I couldn’t find older versions of SeasonPass, will the most recent work if I feed it 4.2.2 IPSW?

Is there a way to preserve installed applications and not to reinstall and reconfigure them from scratch?