If I update my aTV2 to iOS 4.3, do I need to re-jailbreak it? If so,with the new untethered Seas0npass will I lose my XBMC data?

My question is the subject of my post. I want to use the new 4.3 functions of the aTV2 but I'm afraid to start to build my XBMC library all over again.

From XMBC -> Settings -> Video -> Export Library -> One File

Save it to /var/mobile

SSH into your Apple TV, cd to /var/mobile and if you do an `ls` you'll see the XBMC Library dump.

SCP that off the ATV to your computer (Mac you can use command line, windows use WinSCP).  `scp -r /var/mobile/xbmc* username@ipaddressofcomputer:/Users/username/Desktop/XBMC

Then upgrade, once you're done use the same SCP method to put the XBMC dump back to the Apple Tv and instead of doing an Export from XBMC, do an Import.

thx. do i need to upgrade my iOS first, or re-jailbreak first?

Save your files first using the steps I mentioned above.  When you update your ATV2 it will delete them from the device so that is why you need to copy them to your computer.

Next, update your Apple TV via the Settings Menu, Software Update.  Once this is done, you'll be back at a brand new install of iOS 4.2.1.

Next, unplug the device and begin the normal proceedure with Seas0nPass.

Once that is done, you can do the reversal of the steps above to put the XBMC data back onto the device and import it back into your library.

So, there is no way to upgrade iOS with aTV Flash without going back to a brand new install

I've never used aTV Flash, and I've never tried but in theory you should be able to skip the step about Software Update and just use Seas0nPass as it downloads the latest version from Apple, patches it and then installs it.  My reason for suggesting a fresh restore is because I have mixed luck.  Either way, backup XBMC Data because it will lose it.

thank you

I’m not sure this is enough data to backup. I believe that only backs up your personal video files (and don’t forget your music files!). If that’s all you’re concerned about then yes, that’s all you’ll need. However, if you’re concerned about screensaver choices, sources, library, watched flags, overscan settings, etc., you’ll need to back up more than this. From XBMC FAQ:


How can I backup my XBMC settings?

The most common way is to copy or FTP this directory from the atv2 to another computer: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/userdata. Some recommend backing up the entire Preferences/XBMC directory. To restore, FTP the directory back to it's original location, then ssh to the atv2 and run the following command to reset ownership/permissions:        
chown -R mobile:mobile /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/userdata

There’s also an excellent discussion on how to back up and restore the XBMC on the ATV2 on XBMC’s forums:


Best of luck!


Im sure you probably know this but thought id mention it.

if your updating to the latest 4.3 8F455 firmware there is not currently a jailbreak for it. Currently waiting for an update from seasonpass