if i try to sync it says it will remove all my books, etc

I don’t want that I just want to syn selected movies, tv shows and music videos without it removing all my current stuff on my ipad. Especially when it’s not video related like books and magazines etc. Why can’t inFuse just get your content over wifi like Apple TV does or their own Remote app? Would be so much easier.

Actually you can transfed videos without actually ‘syncing’ with iTunes.

If you follow the steps in the guide below listed under ‘Transferring Other Files Through iTunes’ you’ll be able to transfer over iTunes or any other kinds of videos without having iTunes affect what’s currently on your iPad.

A robust WiFi sync feature is in the works for an upcoming version.

Thanks. I knew I could drag them into the infuse app section. I wanted to access them via wifi. I didn’t realize that isn’t an option yet. I guess even the normal iTunes sync method would still install them on my iPad. My 64gb iPad is always nearly full. Next iPad will be the 128gb for me.