If i log out and back into iTunes on my Apple TV4k, willl it affect Infuse

I was wondering If i log out and back into iTunes on my Apple TV4k, will it affect Infuse

I have multiple accounts on my Apple TV and for the most part it does t affect infuse. If the account I purchased my Infuse subscription on stays logged out for too long it’ll ask me to restore my subscription. I assume this is to prevent people from sharing subscriptions outside of a family account setup.

That’s great, so all my Infuse settings and favourites should not be affected

There are 2 log in options on Apple TV (and iOS): Apple ID, and App Store.

Infuse uses the logged in Apple ID to sync data via iCloud. If you log out of this account, Infuse will keep a copy of your local data but will not be able to sync changes between devices.

If you log out of the App Store, your iCloud syncing will remain working, but you may run into issues with updating the App or use of In-App purchases/subscriptions as Apple seems to revalidate these from time to time.

I’ve noticed revaludation seems to occur after an app update. My main account is Canadian and I have a US iTunes account to get HBO Now and Hulu and I have to restore those purchases whenever the app is updated.

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