If I buy Infuse Pro 6 from App Store, will it give me lifetime Infuse Pro on Apple TV?

Title basically says it all. I see it costs $60 for Infuse Pro on Apple TV, but $27 on apple app store. Or is the one on the app store for just Infuse Pro 6 whereas the $60 will be for any future upgrades like Infuse Pro 7?

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Infuse Pro is available in two ways - as an In-App Purchase or as a standalone paid app.

The In-App Purchase options will cover all future updates (even major ones like v7, v8, etc…). The standalone paid app option will cover all v6 updates.

Infuse 6 (in-app purchase)

Infuse Pro 6 (standalone paid app)

A single subscription or purchase can be used on all devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV).

Hope this helps!

This is great info thank you very much

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