Idiots guide to XBMC?

I have now managed to jb my apple tv 2!!!!! And installed xbox media.

Can anyone give me an IDIOTS GUIDE to getting xbmc via atv2 to access my buffalo linkstation live, macbook air and dell laptop please?  Am playing with the menus but really don't know where to go with this. Need someone experienced in xbmc to point me in the right direction.I have read of something called Hula? do i need this and what will it do? I have read the online guide but didn't quite get it.


I have a Buffalo linkstation. I can get access to it from XBMC either by specifying a Windows (smb) share, or via a dlna link. Fro the dlna link one has to have a media server enabled on the LinkStation. In both cases one starts by selecting one of the Add Source options, Selectling Browse, and then proceeding through the setup options that are given for that type of video source.

If you are getting stuck, then more detail on where might help in getting you past the stumbling point.

Access to the Dell and Mac should use similar techniques.

thanks, will try this later.

I have a DLNA server running on my Windows 7 desktop, via the PLAYON software.  They just updated the PLAYON software again, and it is getting better.  Now just need more reliability on the XBMC client.  I get random crashes after 45 to 50 minutes of playing a show echoed from HULU.