Identify or filter by Downloaded Media?

So I have my library currently on one drive - however for traveling purposes I don’t always have a wifi connection. I like to download movies and shows to watch locally for flights, etc. Is there a way to show/filter the Home Screen by media that is downloaded locally?

Feature request would be to be able to filter the Home Screen by the source and download status so I can see just what’s on my device and downloaded rather than going through the files option.

There’s a users guide that may help.

Hi NC_Bullseye, the user guide goes over how to connect to a cloud service and how to download locally, I have all that understood. Am I missing something that shows me how to filter and only show what is downloaded? Sorry if I did.

Your downloads will go to a specific folder on your device that you can see in Infuse. Those will be only the files you downloaded to your device.

Ok, I knew about that so I’m assuming there is no way to filter on the Home Screen. I will add this as a feature request. Thank you.

You can set your local folder as a favorite on the home screen.