Ideas? My Goal with aTV

Hello everyone,

I first want to thank everyone who puts their time into helping us out on this site!

What I basically need is a way to play video’s ripped from DVD’s at the SAME video quality as the DVD as well as preserving AC3 (dolby). It looks like nitoTV can’t support AC3 passthrough, correct? Oh, the files need to be on an external hard drive as well… Is what I’m describing possible? Thanks for all your help guys!


I can’t speak to the quality issue, except to say that converting from DVD to a Formats the AppleTV can play can be accomplished using Handbrake. I’ve had to experiment to find the best settings, but that may be because I’m starting with a 1080i source from a Panasonic camera.
The external drive can indeed be accomplished, and it’s not that hard. I’ve got a 250 gig mounted now.