I'd pay $50 for an electronic instruction manual

Oh, that’s right… I did pay $50. Can we please get some instructions instead of having to try to search through forums looking for answers? Issue du jour is trying to figure out the NitoTV/mplayer argument “-” settings.

Very frustrating.

I hear ya. I waste more time flipping through these forum pages than I do enjoying the benefits of the ATV hack. I too have wondered why there isn’t a consistently updated how-to page on all things ATV. Sometimes a forum just isn’t the right way to explain set up and such. If a problem has been answered, it should (1) have been monitored and (2) posted on an “Answered Issues” page or something.

For example, the “Knowledgebase” page should be THAT page. There shouldn’t be any comment strings on that page and the original “how-to” should be updated to address updates and solved issues.

I was going to start a wiki page on my free time for aTV Flash. I can’t promise it will look good or how long it will take me, but I’ll try to get most of the topics covered and any instructions included. I’ll keep you updated. :slight_smile:

Actually it looks like there is a basic wiki here: