Icons don't stay where moved: ATV 2 (Ver. Firecore 2.4)

Apple TV 2, ios 5.3. Fire core 2.4 untethered
Icons won’t stay where placed after ATV goes to sleep and turned back on. They all moved. Is there a save button?


Is this normal? Does anybody else have this problem?

Can anybody please reply.
Do your icons stay after you reorganize them?
After sleep or reboot mine always move back.
I’m running latest firmware.

I just rearranged my icons, did both a “sleep” and a complete reboot and my icons stayed where I put them. I did nothing special other than the jalibreak… I’m on 5.3 untethered and flash 2.4 also.

It happen to me it always re arrange my icons it just wont stay put.  So annoying I want all my sports channel on the top.

I have the same issue.  The icons revert back to their original position. 

Same for me. I rearrange icons then restart the AppleTV or even use an app for a while and they are reset to default locations. Is there a solution for this problem coming soon?

  • Steve