iCloud Syncing

Hay, can you tell me what is synced via iCloud?
In the subscription you wrote, that the metadata is syncing also via iCloud, but the iCloud data is just 3.5 kb and the metadata on the devices is actually about 200 mb.
Did i forget to activate something? all my shares are synced!


Items currently synced with iCloud include: Network shares, saved favorites, metadata corrections, playback settings, and Up Next list.

The actual metadata and artwork will not be synced to iCloud, as this can often times be hundreds of MBs (even GBs for larger collections) which would burn up much or all of most peoples’ free 5GB of iCloud storage.

Thanx for your answer, but then i have the same question like months before and im not the only one, when will it be possible to store all metadata of the app in an iOS backup or make an complete transfer to another device? Im using an iPhone, iPad and an apple tv and every device has to download the metadata by itself…

months before you said that an feature to sync the metadata between devices will come to infuse.

where are we now with that problem???

That is what’s available in v5. Everything is saved in iCloud, so when restoring you will be able to get back to where you were without having to set up all your shares again.

The only difference is Infuse will download the actual metadata from TMDb instead of iCloud.

could be there a way to implement this function with an warning to all users affecting the iCloud space? i mean my metadata library will be about 2 gb but i would love to see that function in infuse 5 and i think im not the only one.


Or can you sync part of metadata like for every filename, sync modified title(TMDB ID)/metadata language, so next time it downloads again, it knows what language it should request for. Such info won’t take much space.

This iCloud Sync is useless if it does not sync meta data info. I have a post here: Pro 5 iCloud Sync, made a complete mess

I’ve 3 iPads, 2 iPhones & 2 ATVs and I need to sync & correct the metadata for all devices which is very time consuming & troublesome.

Perhaps we can have an option in Infuse to let users decide whether they want to sync the metadata in iCloud or not at the expense of their own iCloud storage space. If we sync the metadata in iCloud then we will save the storage space on all our devices.

I’m sure others will agree with me.

Hope James can consider my proposal.

BTW, I’ve started my subscription yesterday and will continue the subscription after the 1 month trial is over to support you guys for the wonderful app & hard work.

Can you consider to add meta data language setting for each Favorite?
I have mentioned this some time ago Metadata language setting for each Favourite


I completely agree! I have 2 iPads, 3 appleTV’s, 4 iPhones, and a iPad pro. This would save a lot of time. I was so happy when this app came to appleTv last year, I no longer have to keep my mac on to stream threw iTunes, plus I don’t have to convert files, this app rocks! If it was 10 bucks for a yearly subscription I would pay it, nice job infuse team!

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Hello guys,

In my case, Up Next List doesn’t work as it should. I have a Trakt account configured on iPhone and Apple TV, and since Infuse 5, even if my shows or movies are fully watched (in Trakt as well) they still appear in Up Next.

That kinda sucks :wink:

Just to clarify: watched/unwatched status is not synced? Because it’s not for me, and that’s kind of a bummer really.

Watched/unwatched status and playback progress are synced through trakt.

Why didn’t I think of that - thank you!

Possible to add a yes/no confirm before turning icloud sync off? as I just did by accident, and lost all my settings and library on not just 1 , but 3 appletvs. :frowning:

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Sorry to revive and old thread but can you confirm if metadata corrects for folder shares are synced in iCloud, I have 2 apple tvs and 2 iPads running from the same shares and i always have to make the same corrections.


I’d like to follow up on where you stand on this issue. I also have Infuse set up on multiple devices and need to wait a few minutes for each device to scan my library. I understand metadata corrections will carry over, but it seems silly for each of my devices to individually scan my NAS to generate new library lists. I’m also amenable to the idea of opting in to a larger iCloud “backup” of several GBs.

This is a dedicated thread for syncing all metadata to iCloud: Option to sync ALL metadata and libraries to iCloud

Give it some support.