iCloud Syncing causing AppleTV to lose library

I wanted to try streaming files from my Dropbox account, so I added that service via my iPhone and with iCloud sync it showed up on my AppleTV as expected. Then when I went to check my local library (SMB), the AppleTV gives me wrong user/password. I figured iCloud sync from the phone messed something up, so I deleted the local library on my AppleTV and iPhone. Upon trying to re-add the library, the AppleTV STILL gives me the wrong user/password error, even though I was able to re-add it successfully on my iPhone.

I never watch Infuse on my phone, so having it work there is kind of pointless. I removed all sources through my iPhone and tried to re-add my SMB share through my AppleTV and I STILL get the wrong password–and no, I not typing it incorrectly, I can access the SMB share via my MacBook, iMac and iPhone.

Any ideas?

Issue hasn’t fully gone away, but I “fixed” it by changing the username and password to my SMB share on my router and re-added to Infuse. It worked, but it’s not an ideal solution as I know have to update the user/pass on all my devices.

Sorry for the trouble.

We’ve identified a case where this can happen, and are working on a fix for the upcoming 6.0.4 release.

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6.0.4 is now available.

Please let us know if you have any trouble after installing this update. Thanks!

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