iCloud sync

I have 2 Apple TV and 2 iPads. all up to date with latest infuse pro version.

seems like on my 2 iPads, iCloud sync is not working. it says “last: failed” on both my iPads.

I’m on wifi. tried all the usual. any ideas?

Did you try restarting the ipads?

yes I tried that several times. nothing.

using version 7.4.10

and I have space left in my iCloud. anyways syncing works for my Apple TVs so clearly it’s not an iCloud storage issue.

Did you verify that all devices are on 7.4.10? There were recent changes with iCloud sync that require all devices to be updated for it to work.

Yea all 7.4.10

Envoyé de mon iPhone

sounds like I found the fix.

in the iPad settings, go to iCloud, and the “iCloud files app” toggle button must be on. I’m not using files on the iPad so it was off.

I’ll start another thread because following that I found another bug

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