iCloud Sync

icloud sync doesnt seem to be working for me on Pro. its turned on on various clients but they dont sync with each other. i set my preferred layout on one ATV and no matter what i try (delete, reboot, etc), it wont sync to the other clients.

any ideas or tips?


Are they all using infuse 7?

sorry, yes. infuse 7 pro. thanks.

Are these all Apple TVs?

If so, you will want to ensure you are logged in as the Default User on all devices. Only the Default User is able to sync with iCloud.

yes, all apple tv’s. 6 HD’s, 1 4k 2017 and 1 4k 2021 if that matters and 1 iphone 12 pro max and a mac.

i didnt think to check for the default user, ill check that later tonight.

thanks for the tip.

I am also facing the issue and do not want the apple tv to sync with default user’s icloud rather use the user’s icloud. Why is it so? I would have logged but it will interfere for others as this is a shared TV. My problem would be solved if we could manage libraries natively on tvos but I need to use an iphone to add links and there icloud sync comes into play. Can you guide what would be the best way to add links in library without using icloud sync then

sorry for the delay, looks like im good to go. once the app upgraded to the new version, everything kicked in and started synching. who knows why, but its working.

thanks agian.

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