iCloud Sync


I have four Apple TVs running InFuse at home. If I update one of the devices with new metadata and want it to propagate to the other three, do I enable iCloud sync on all devices? I’m confused with how iCloud sync works when you have multiple Apple TVs and which content is propagated. Thanks.

This is a great question and one I have no answer for - I had issue with lost metadata when iCloud Sync was selected “On” - turned it off and have not suffered a metadata loss since then. Not what you are asking, but may be useful to others…

Infuse uses iCloud and Trakt to keep things in sync. A bit more info on how to use these, and what is synced can be found here.

Thanks. I read the link, but I’m still a little confused. Is fetched movie Metadata synced?

Fetched metadata is not synced. However, any corrections you make to the metadata are stored in the cloud and synced across.

I had the same question / feature request a while ago. I too have several Apple TV’s + IOS devices etc.
Metadata, subtitles etc are not synced which was a bit of a pain.

I have a Synology NAS and for me the new Plex support solved my issue. With Plex Media Server all my Infuse instances are up-to-date, including subtitles and meta data. I can warmly recommend it if you have the option to run Plex on a server/nas.