iCloud Sync question

By activating the iCloud Sync option, all saved share points are automatically synced across all devices logged into the same Apple ID. Does this imply that all passwords (i.e. Dropbox account and Mac account passwords) get permanently stored on iCloud? The only way to delete them is to delete all Infuse data stored on iCloud and to disable the iCloud Sync option in Infuse apps?

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Infuse will sync credentials to iCloud so they same connections are available on all your devices. For local shares (Mac, PC, NAS, etc…) this will usually be a username and password. For cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc…) this will be a secure token, and not your actual account login details.

FWIW, data in iCloud is stored securely and is only accessible by you. We do not have any access to data stored in iCloud, and we do not collect or store any sensitive information about your shares.

So I should have an Infuse folder in iCloud where I can see the data? I have a folder, but it has always been empty and I’ve never had the iCloud features work, even though they are enabled.

Are you looking in iCloud Drive through the files apP? I don’t believe that’s where it gets stored. Storage usage will be shown in the iCloud storage usage under settings on an iPhone or iPad.

Never mind, I’d rather get a reply from someone who is sure of how things work, which is a rarity here.

This is expected, as the data Infuse syncs to iCloud will not be accessible directly. Only the Infuse app will be able to read it.

Are you on the free iCloud tier? Do you know how much free space you have available?

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