iCloud sync + other problems

Hi there.
I still get the “syncing with iCloud” even though I have the feature turned off? And I can see in my iCloud service, that even though I delete it, it still shows up with saved information on infuse 6. And I don’t have it installed on my iPhone.

I believe this is what’s causes my other problems.
I have a show, that I have completely deleted from my nas, but it still shows up in infuse, even though I have updated this? I’m also able to play this show, even though I have deleted it, and any backup made to iCloud via sync.
I also have shows that will feature multiple of the same episode, and that corresponds with the place I left of when I had iCloud sync turned on, but it is only for some of the shows, that these multiples show up.
I have tried to set the whole thing up again x3 but to no avail.

If you are able to play a show on ATV with Infuse then it’s still on your NAS somewhere because Infuse doesn’t download videos to the ATV and it also doesn’t upload videos to iCloud. The only things Infuse puts in iCloud are app settings and the metadata for your shows (but not the artwork just the textual data) and I believe what ever corrections to metadata you have entered.

Again it’s not storing videos on iCloud. You are pulling those from somewhere on your network.