iCloud sync not working

I can’t seem to get iCloud sync to work from ATV to iPhone. I have iCloud syncing enabled on both devices. ATV is connected to plex and has favorites but none are syncing to iPhone. Not sure why it’s not syncing? iCloud Drive is enabled on both devices and same iCloud account

Btw you guys should really invest in better customer support. I know you’re a small company but I paid $15 for infuse pro. I emailed support about this and it took over a week for a response which was not helpful at all. I was only sent a link to the support article about enabling iCloud sync which was not helpful

Sorry for the confusion.

Due to the nature of how Plex works, iCloud syncing for Plex shares is not available at this time. To use Plex on multiple devices, you will simply need to connect to Plex on each device.

The upcoming 5.7.2 update will include support for syncing of Plex’s Continue Watching and On Deck lists, which will allow you to keep things in sync between devices.

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