iCloud sync not working from macos

I’m stion on infuse 7.4 on my macbook as 7.5 hasn’t been rolled out to my region’s app store. Nothing that I view on that mac is getting synced to my icloud. The watch history on there doesn’t get reflected when I open infuse on my apple tv

Since there were some changes in iCloud sync in 7.5 it won’t sync backward to 7.4.10 and normally that wouldn’t have been an issue but Apples delay in the Mac release caused this to be a problem.

Once you get 7.5 on your mac it should sync the watched history from the other devices.

I loaded 7.5 on my Mac last night and it synced all of the watched history from the last several days where the other devices were on 7.5 and all is correct.


This is becoming very frustrating of late. I can play content from the Apple TV. on my MacBook, it shows that indexing is failed for the same Mac system that the video files reside on, which the Apple Tv can connect to and play from. I keep getting a “An error occurred loading this content.” even though it’s showing the thumbnails for the last played content as it does sync to icloud