iCloud sync not working between iPad Pro/iPhone X/Apple TV

trakt does not appear to be available on iOS (only tvOS), so I am trying to get iCloud sync to work.

I made an album of settings here:

I tried deleting iCloud Infuse backup several times.
I tried creating the initial Infuse settings on either iPad or Apple TV.
Nothing works.

It’s like the devices are talking to different iCloud backups. (LOCAL library is missing on iPhone X fresh install).
I’d be happy to just use trakt, but I can’t find it on iOS.

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A bit more info on how iCloud works can be found here.

With regard to Trakt, you can login on iOS by tapping the orange Trakt logo which appears in the top right corner of the Infuse > Settings menu.

Thanks James, I just found the trakt icon actually (after waiting for the forum post approval). A little bit tricky to find if you don’t know their icon.
Anyways, it works well enough now.

Still a problem with iCloud sync, so I will leave this thread open.
I read that thread many times, and have everything enabled (see pictures in original post).

Regarding ‘Saved Favorites and Lists (folders and Library categories)’:
This does not happen when I reinstall Infuse app on iPhone X for example (it is missing LOCAL). See last picture.
When I open the app it is blank, then syncs with iCloud, then adds only JOTTA (not LOCAL).
It’s like it is talking to an old/different sync entirely.
I only have 1 iCloud account.

Appreciate the help.

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