Icloud sync not working between all ATV's

I have Infuse running on 3 AppleTV4k’s they have been syncing happily for a while but one of the Apple TV’s has stopped syncing (LivingRoom) on the 8th November
I cannot seem to force it to sync, so deleted the app installed it again, pointed it to the local share with the exact same settings as the other rooms and ran a rescan. it is no longer erroring in icloud but it does not have the watched status from the icloud backups.

There is only one profile on the ATV’s, only one Apple Account with the same ICLOUD account. there is 18GB free on the icloud account. and around 13 - 18GB free on the ATV’s. All are showing the Pro version status.
The other two ATV’s are still in sync between them, but I cannot see what is wrong with this one in the livingroom. They are part of the same group on my firewall, so have the same settings there.
On the ATV that is not syncing it is reporting that my meta data is 4GB, but the other two are reporting 2GB.
I am wondering if I can I delete the metadata on ATV that is not syncing correctly and force it to start again without impacting the metadata on the others? or is infuse supposed to share the same metadata file between all infuse apps? and deleting it will remove it for all of them

There is around 50TB of media, and a lot of TV shows that I would hate to lose the watched status on.

Office ATV JKXJ0
LivingRoom 1TP6QP

First thing to do is make sure all devices are updated to the latest Infuse 7.4.9. There were changes made in the icloud sync and they all need to be on the latest.