iCloud sync failing

Where are these detailed error messages at on the iOS version? All I get is "Sync with iCloud (Last: failed)

Diagnostics M59JM

Not all errors will display a detailed error message in the UI.

This error isn’t one we’ve seen before, but will look into this.

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Thank you :smiley:

Of course @NC_Bullseye would go above and beyond to find a new error :wink:


Yup, and like everyone knows, no matter WHAT the problem is it can be remedied with 2 to 3 minutes of code writing just like every other feature or bug. :disguised_face:

@james just an update, this morning finally after about 10 minutes of icloud syncing it finally got the last completed date.

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Would you mind sending in another report after it finished?

Not a problem!
VW519 Sent as soon as I picked up the phone with the Sync with iCloud (Last: Today, 8:01 AM)

And since it started another sync, I’ll let that one finish and send the code for that one in a few when it finishes. (It’s taking a while to sync still)

And 2N597 for "Sync with iCloud (Last: Today, 10:02 AM)

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I don’t know if it’s connected but when I go back to the home screen, the up next list isn’t staying where it shows thecurrent up next tv shows. It’s reverting the list to the last update before the Infuse update and I have to swipe the list back to the most current shows. Then as soon as I go to a different screen and back it again reverts the up next list at the top to and earlier sync and I have to swipe again to see the actual current up next.

Diagnostics SNWRB from a Mac version.

I notice for quite some time now that “Syncing with iCloud” never seems to end. I just had Infuse update the library, and several hours later I still see “Syncing with iCloud”. Sometimes it stops, and then it starts anew, but it seems to be perpetual.

I notice this behavior on the iPad as well, but strangely not on my Apple TV.