iCloud sync failing

I’m having problems with iCloud sync on WiFi right now, it keeps failing when on WiFi.

Everything should be available on Wi-Fi.

If it’s failing there, it may be a temporary issue with Apple’s servers…or your iCloud Drive is full.

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Just failed the third time. iCloud has 40+GB avail. Diagnostics code B6M7M

Mine works on WiFi without problem.

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ATVs are failing also. Diagnostic code TWNFB

@james Would you like me to split this off to a different thread since I’ve derailed this one with WiFi vs Cellular?

Can you submit a report from each of your devices?

ATV4 (1) Last Update 9:54PM 8-11-2022 iCloud sync: failed 4FXB6

ATV4 (2) Last Update 11:14PM 8-11-2022 iCloud sync: failed R0J7J

ATV4K (1) Last Update 6:52PM 8-11-2022 iCloud sync: 9:16PM (missed code)

ATV4K (2) Last Update 9:47PM 8-11-2022 iCloud sync: 10:11PM 4FXB6

Mac Last Update 10:29PM 8-11-2022 iCloud sync: failed XVRZ9

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ATV4 (1) Last Update 11:27AM 8-15-2022 iCloud sync: failed 7YRQ9

Mac Last Update 11:34AM 8-19-2022 iCloud sync: failed RJ9ZG

Mac Last Update 10:04PM 8-19-2022 iCloud sync: failed 2KDQ9

Mac Last Update 10:27PM 8-19-2022 iCloud sync: failed DJF4Y

ATV4K (2) Last Update 10:12PM 8-19-2022 iCloud sync: FAILED V4F9K

Last try tonight.

Mac Last Update 10:38 PM 8-19-2022 iCloud sync: failed YBER5

Mine just said failed when I opened it after the phone was asleep in my pocket. When I was looking at it before it did sync (7:54PM) but it took 4 minutes or something. Not sure why it would take that long. I only have a couple thousand items in my library.
8:09 PM

ATV4 Last Update 2:31PM 8-22-2022 iCloud sync: failed THGEH

Mac Last Update 4:17PM 8-23-2022 iCloud sync: failed VD21J
(After update to 7.4.4)

iPhone Last Update 12:51 PM 8-24-2022 iCloud sync: failed 47RYA

ATV4K Last Update 9:59AM 8-26-2022 iCloud sync: FAILED 2NC7Q

It looks like most of the ‘Failed’ messages were false positives caused by conflicts from different devices, which were automatically resolved.

There were also a few 503 errors (issues with connecting to iCloud), and in most cases the sync was completed successfully a few seconds later.

We’ve made a few changes here which should provide a more accurate picture of actual sync status, and these will be available in 7.4.5.


Same issue here, INFUSE (iPhone only) not synced since the 19th