iCloud sync expansion

I love the new iCloud syncing addition. It really speeds up getting changes across multiple devices and I’m already excited for more.

Adding the following would make syncing lightning fast:
(1) Metadata
(2) Cover images

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Great to hear!

Metadata is currently synced via iCloud (with the exception of local XML/NFO files), and artwork will be an option to sync in an upcoming version.

Good, that there is an option to turn it off - no mandatory features are always welcome.

It was the first thing I turned off because 4GB upload to iCloud would mess everything I have there :frowning:

Bruce, don’t turn iCloud sync off as it does not sync any of the images that have been fetched from TVdb or TMDB. That feature is still coming.
I’ve got plenty of iCloud storage and I would happily spend a couple of GBs to speed up the process of setuping up a new device or a reinstall of Infuse.

Thank you for clarifying James! A few related question:

(1) Is the file media info synced? I’m referring to resolution, audio format, length & such.

(2) As each family member has their own iCloud account everyone still needs to do their own updating? Does iCloud allow for inter-icloud syncing to get around this problem?

(3) So there was a bug after the upgrade from Infuse 5 to 6 where my Infuse 6 kept crashing at the same point during the updating process of the library and I had to delete the app and reinstalled it. Now it is fetching all the metadata again. I had fetched all that with my beta Infuse version. Does that mean that my syncing from the beta does not migrate over to the stable build?

I am not sure if that 4GB includes images or not, since:

  • all images are local, from my NAS, nothing comes from the web
  • on ATV where I use Infuse it say there is 4GB of metadata, while on iPhone (where I open program once a year but still check if it sees all root folders with Artwork, but I don’t watch anything) I got only 21MB of Metadata.

I don’t remember specific numbers, I think that was something like 7-10MB of metadata per 1000 files (or something similar) that is uploaded to the iCloud. While having 1000 movies is a lot, when you have TV shows with multiple seasons, you can get that 1000 number between just 2 shows, and with 24+TB of shows in 720p and 350-500MB per 25 min metadata will come up to few GB even with such small numbers.

Bruve I don’t follow your math there. If a 1000 files use up 7-10MB then 20000 files would only use up 140-200MB which is in the ballpark of where I am at. Now as a family members Infuse is indexing from scratch and it now has 4500 Movies/TVshows the Metadata size is only at 7MB with Infuse 6.

Update: As the indexing is at 7000 items the metadata size still shows me 7MB so I’m not sure if the size calculation is delayed or it’s a bug.

Update2: After about ~20000 files for indexed the metadata size updated to 11MB. After that it’s ballooning fast as it is fetching the artwork for each of them, which on my iPhone ended up to be 2GB and on the Apple TV 4GB.

This was a good reason actually to count all my files, and I got 56630, but my ATV still says Metadata is 4GB. No idea what it saves there, but I know that I don’t take any information from the web, all Images are my local, and I don’t care about any file descriptions, etc. (auto search will not find proper data or anything, anyway)

  1. Yes, the file specs are actually the most useful thing to sync as gathering these one-by-one was the slowest part of the indexing process.

  2. Correct. Apple doesn’t allow sharing between iCloud accounts. If you want to sync statuses between accounts, you can set up one common Trakt account and Infuse will use that in addition to iCloud.

  3. It depends on which version of the beta you started with, but sometimes a clean install never hurts.

4GB sounds like it certainly includes images.

For a bit of background, with metadata fetching disabled Infuse will generate metadata and thumbnails from the video files themselves. These are then cached on your device and will take up some space, as you are seeing.

So James, I went to double check on this and I’m not sure now if we are talking about the same thing. So I went to browse my movie library on the AppleTV and since I had just reinstalled and fetched all my metadata I should have all the media info (minutes, resolution, & audio format) but that information does not show up immediately. I have to remain on a movie for 5-15 seconds until that information shows up. If I browse back to those movies on my AppleTV the media info shows up immediately. So then I force started the sync to make sure all changes are saved in the iCloud and then I went over to my iPhone started the sync and checked on the movies for which I knew I had gotten the media info for on my AppleTV. Unfortunately, I had to go through the slow process of waiting at each movie for 5-15 seconds until the media info showed up for each movie. This part certainly is the slowest and most manual of them all. Is this supposed to be working this way or is it a bug and it is supposed to be synced via iCloud now in version 6?

Update: Wait, I used the beta app on the AppleTV and the stable version on the iPhone. Let me double check this with the right app!

So I got the stable build now and the media info does sync!
But the media info is only available for movies that I have browsed to and kept open for 5-15 seconds until it fetches the media info. So does that mean that Infuse does not try to get the media information when it’s fetching metadata for my files?

All this talk start to show how useless is that sync, while the only thing I care is watched status.

Any chance only that can be sync and rest ignored?

There’s a slight twist if you’re using Google Drive, as we need to tread lightly to avoid triggering a ban on your account. Getting lists of files for metadata fetching is fine, but reading the actual specs requires reading a sample of each file. In essence, if Google senses you are accessing too many files too quickly, it will temporarily block apps like Infuse for a few hours. For this reason, we won’t automatically scan file specs all at once, and will only scan and cache them as they are needed (IE when viewing details for a video).

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(1) That makes sense. Could I extract that info and place it into .nfo files to have it read by Infuse?
(2) But if I do that can I have both .nfo recognition and automatic recognition?
(3) Would this go easier on Google’s limits?

Doubt that will fix the problem … surely google will detect Infuse accessing a lot of nfo files in a short time and instigate the ban; same problem.

I don’t think it’s the same for Infuse to read a text file or having to extract a sample from huge video files.
Maybe James can clear this up for us.
In the support files I don’t see any suggestion for the media file info embedding in the metadata XML files. Metadata and Cover Art – Firecore

My thinking is that if this is possible I could run an app that does this in a paced way so it doesn’t hit the limits imposed by Google and then I could have it automatically generated them as new files are added.

I start to like info file idea. If only that could be single file per folder that hosts at least video watched status it would be really helpful. And not to mention saved locally near actual video file.

I have all the movies well renowned and with the NFO file and not take it into account infuse.

Look For Information still had the information in the movie.

Nor does it pass the information from one application to another.

I now Have the two versions re-indexing everything.

It Will take days to complete the process and also leave more than 500 movies in “Others” because it does not recognize them.

This was supposed to be solved in this new version.

The truth is, I don’t see any improvement.

I’Ll Keep trying.

But reading the nfo file does not or does it wrong.

Searching for metadata makes it very slow or does it wrong.

Show “Recently added” only shows a few movies and series if they are whole seasons to detect many chapters only shows a series when there are several added the same day.

It Should show everything but in order of Added recently or show more quantity or in series many chapters of the same series show it as a series so if there are several series of many chapters we would see in “recently added”
Everything that’s been added that day.

So do the other applications.

A note, it would not be better to deliver beta versions to people who really use the application a lot.

I’ve seen all this just in a few minutes of use I think it’s weird that nobody has seen before the final version.

I’Ll Keep trying.

Metadata from NFO/XML files is not synced to iCloud at this time.


But in local? Neither does it recognize it, simrm, researching the network.