iCloud sync, different libraries on different devices


I have setup infuse with google drive on my phone, I have enabled iCloud sync to enabled google drive on my Apple TV’s and added the folders I want to enable. So far everything is good and working.

On one device (my kids appletv) I want to have other folders from google drive. But when I change on this device this is synced to all other devices since I have enabled iCloud share. Is there some way I can have different folders on my kids devices?

would it not work if you just turned off cloud sync on their devices?

Infuse will keep libraries and home screens in sync between devices.

So, yes in this case the best option would be to disable iCloud Sync on the kids’ Apple TV, and then select the favorites you want them to see.

Yes, It seems like initially have iCloud sync enabled to get the google drive shares and then disable iCloud sync works. Thanks!

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