iCloud sync did not sync library content perfectly

I recently unearthed an old iPad Air (first gen) and installed Infuse. iCloud sync did not perfectly sync the libraries to it. I know this because of the counts for Movies, TV Shows, and Other being displayed.

I also have an iPhone and Apple TV; both of these devices have all files matched up with their respective metadata, so that when I visit the “Library” setting, I can see Movies with n amount of items, TV Shows with n amount of items, and Other with 0 items. I never have anything in Other, as I ensure everything has been matched. Content is hosted in Google Drive.

The iPad showed 110 items in Other, despite iCloud supposedly having perfectly matched content and two devices synced to iCloud.

Here is the diagnostic code, generated pretty much as the next major operation after running a complete sync: TWPDW

Let me know if you need anything else.

Which version of iOS are you running on the iPad Air?

Which version of Infuse?

iPad is using iOS version 12.4.5. It’s too old for new iPadOS.

Infuse 6.3.

We did in fact have to disable a few aspects of iCloud on iOS 12 devices.

In essence, last fall Apple rolled out a security update for both iOS 13 and iOS 12. Both were aimed at addressing the same issue, but the fix for iOS 12 was incomplete, and was breaking a few aspects of iCloud, resulting in unexpected crashes.

Ah okay–it’s not the end of the world if you’re telling me it’s isolated to 12. It’s a damn old device (7 years?).

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