iCloud sync bug? Infuse 5: added shares & favorites disappeared

I have iCloud enabled. I created some shares & favorites but moments later they disappeared. Here was the sequence. I’m running iOS 10 on both iPad and iPhone

On the iPad:

  1. Installed Infuse 5 (free) on iPad
  2. Added 2 shares and 3 favorite folders
  3. Signed into Trakt
  4. Upgraded to Pro using the in-app purchase
  5. Enabled iCloud Sync

Then on the iPhone:

  1. Installed Infuse 5 (free) on iPhone
  2. On iPhone, signed into Trakt (which automatically enabled Pro features)
  3. On iPhone, noticed that existing shares and favorites that I had created from the iPad appeared automatically
  4. On iPhone, added more shares and more favorites
  5. On iPad, noticed that the new favorites did not sync back to Infuse; waited a minute
  6. On iPad, went back to home screen briefly then back into Infuse 5; new favorites still not present
  7. Back on iPhone, went back to home screen briefly then back into Infuse, saw the new the favorites for a split second, then they disappeared, leaving only the original 3 favorites; Also noticed that the new shares I added have also disappeared.

My guess is that the iCloud sync thought the iPad setup was the latest and proceed to wipe out the shares & favorites I just added to the iPhone. Bug?