iCloud sync broken

Is it just me or since the last update the iCloud sync is completely broken? Whenever I add a new movie to my library it takes forever to sync across all my devices. And sometimes it doesn’t even sync, I have to close and reopen Infuse several times until it syncs and the new movie appears. Anyone else with this problem?

You may want to specify which update and the version numbers since both Infuse and the Apple OSs both had a recent update.

It may help to just restart all devices since they all have had 2 updates and see if a fresh start helps.

Infuse is on 7.5.1 and TVOS is on 16.4. I restarted my 3 Apple TVs (two 2017 ATVs and one 2021) multiple times.

For me, it’s been pretty normal for Infuse to take a couple of days after both OS and Infuse update but that’s just what I’ve gotten used to.

If you launch Infuse and go to the Library settings screen and watch the progress messages, on mine it will go through the fetchings, then icloud sync and then show a last updated date for less than an minute then go through the routine again. It seems that it takes at least 2 and sometimes more for the “Last Updated” message under the movie and tv shows totals to stay on the last update message.

That’s just what I’ve been seeing for a long time. It seems that the iCloud sync takes about a week of daily use to get to the swift updates after an OS or Infuse update. Strange I know but it’s been pretty consistent for me.

Here it used to be like that too. Not anymore. The fetching gets stuck on “get playlist”. It takes a long long time to sync and show the recent added movies.

To me it seems that since the background app refresh went south the iCloud sync has been far slower than it was. Maybe if the background app refresh gets fixed it will allow iCloud sync to stay caught up with faster syncs on start up…