iCloud subtitle syncing - does it sync downloaded OpenSubtitles.org subs?

In the support document it says that iCloud syncing syncs the following: File specific playback settings (selected audio/subtitle track, zoom setting, etc…)

If you have an .mkv file with no subtitle, then you use Infuse to download a subtitle file, does that downloaded subtitle get synced across devices so that if I continue playing the movie on another device, it automatically re-downloads/re-uses that dowloaded subtitle file?

Or does iCloud merely sync the fact that you selected a specific local subtitle that is already embedded in the file?

External subtitles won’t sync between devices right now, but this is something we’re planning to add in Infuse 6.x which will feature an all-new iCloud integration which will make adding extra features like this possible.

I would like to revisit this question. I have Infuse 6 Pro, and I have several iOS devices and an Apple TV all logged into a single iCloud account. If I open a movie in Infuse on my iPhone, and then I “Get More…” subtitles and it downloads subtitles, what is Infuse doing in the background to sync those downloaded subtitles to my other Infuse 6 installs?

Syncing of downloaded subtitles was added in 6.0.3.

Infuse will now sync downloaded subtitles to iCloud so they will be available on all your device. This means, you can download subtitles while watching a video on one device, move to a different device, and have that same subtitle file available and automatically selected when resuming the video.

Where in iCloud is this data stored? Are the .srt files stored in iCloud Drive?

These are saved in Infuse’s ‘bucket’ in iCloud Drive, and they will will not be accessible by other apps.

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