iCloud metadata not syncing

I just got a new 4k Apple TV. Thinking that my Infuse preferences were saved in my iCloud account, I wiped the old one, put in the new one, installed Infuse and directed it to my share. But my saved metadata, preferences for audio and subtitles, & watched indicators did not sync. Is my data lost forever? I have a Pro subscription.

When setting up your new Apple TV, Infuse will restore your saved settings (shares, metadata corrections, playback settings, etc…) automatically. This usually happens pretty quick, but can take a bit of time if you have a larger library.

One thing that can cause trouble is if you set up a new share manually. As you might expect, Infuse will treat this as a new source and your saved info from the other share(s) will not be available.

Do you have any other devices (iPhone, iPad, etc…) using the previously saved shares? Are they still present and working?

I don’t, at least not on the same iCloud account. I saw that Infuse hadn’t restored my share so I set it up again manually. I guess it’s wiped all my data then. That’s pretty disappointing.

Infuse won’t actually delete anything from iCloud (unless you manually remove a share from Infuse, or use the clear all metadata option). However, if you set up the same share again, and then let it sync with iCloud this may overwrite the existing share.

All may not be lost yet, and there are a few things you can try.

  1. Are you currently logged into iCloud on the Apple TV? Check in Settings > Accounts > iCloud
  2. Is iCloud Sync enabled in Infuse?

If you answered no to at least one of the above, you may try the following. Even if you answered yes to both, the steps below may be worth trying anyway.

  1. Remove the current copy of Infuse.
  2. Ensure you are logged into the iCloud account you previously used.
  3. Re-install Infuse from the App Store (ensure you’re installing the save version as before Infuse 5 or Infuse 5 Pro (the older v4 versions do not include iCloud Sync).
  4. Open Infuse, and check to ensure iCloud Sync is enabled in Infuse > Settings.
  5. Leave Infuse open until you see your shares/favorites start to appear on the home screen. In our tests this happens in a matter of seconds, but the time it takes can vary based on your location, network speed, etc…

Looks like it’s been overwritten. Too bad. It would be great if Infuse could check manual additions against existing entries in iCloud.

Hi, first post/inquiry…recent adopter on ios and ATV 4K. James, I was searching for info re syncing or exporting/importing metadata because I already had to make all the amendments on each device. I saw posts where someone had maxed out their available storage on ATV and you were saying that typically metadata could use up a 1gb…potentially 2gb with crazy large library and loading from local drive each time would be too slow, etc, etc…then I saw this comment above today where you seem to suggest the metadata is (or could be) on iCloud and be used to restore or import ?! Is that accurate ? OTHERWISE…I’m anxious to understand better AND had thought about whether a pure EXPORT/IMPORT feature could be added in settings/tools to port your fully corrected personalized metadata for the new device being set up. For me (after many many years with WDTV SMP), it seems like one of the biggest of the very few weaknesses with Infuse…and a big hassle. Very tedious and time consuming to fix them even once let alone over and over and only the person most intimately familiar with the library is able to identify and correct them because more often than not a title (wrong one) will already have been selected and cover pic established. I am keeping notes on ideas and my early experience, will share some of those later once I locate suitable spot for them. Good stuff with app though, it has already allowed me to get off the WD…something a great many other boxes and players were definitely unable to do for a good 2-3 years now…so thanks ! moo

re metadata and iCloud sync that I’m asking/reading about…let me ask the following

  1. does the ios and atv share same sync’d data…so if I delete the ios app and reinstall it would ultimately mirror the amended metadata I’ve applied on the Infuse app on ATV ??

  2. It seems unrealistic to think that multi-ATV household would have all devices on same Apple ID and or iCloud account…is there any recommendation as how best to manage this if the devices are going to share same library content formviewing ?

Thanks in advance…I think if I get some confirmation re my first question, that would give me more confidence to tinker with solutions for the other question.


Yes, unless you run the ‘Clear All Metadata’ option in Infuse, changes will be saved in iCloud forever. This means you can have access to this synced info when setting up a new device, or reinstalling Infuse.

iCloud data is tied to a specific Apple ID, so unfortunately it’s not possible to share this info between Apple IDs…at least right now.

Sounds great…do I just need to exercise some patience initially and wait for the app to import the details regarding all the various shares ??
(because I’m assuming that as soon as I make move to add manually, I break ability to bring that info over)…or is iCloud sync OFF and need to turn that ON…and then it will happen ? (I apologize if I’m wading into basic FAQ stuff re that point)

re metadata being tied to individual iCloud account…might it be possible to set up and clone Infuse on device for a secondary account in this manner :

  • Install the app for the other Apple id on their ATV (thru family sharing back to my id’s purchased version)

  • change the specified iCloud on their ATV…to MINE

  • let Infuse recover the shares, metadata, etc…

  • change iCloud account on their ATV back to theirs afterward and let Infuse re-sync with that iCloud account from that point forward ?

Any flaw in that logic ? …anything maybe more critical re sequence of steps ?

Are other settings that are more device specific (eg subtitle positioning) stored at device level rather than a shared sync’d setting ?

Much thanks ! - Moo

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