iCloud Library Sync not working or I don’t get it


I thought that a after Infuse 6, iCloud will be used for play progress, metadata, simply everything except artwork.

So I used my iPad to remove my plex connection, added my google drive directly and let it completely index (which took about 2 hours).
Then I’ve startet the app on my iPhone and the plex connection was still there. The google drive share was synced correctly but with no metadata… so my iphone would re-index everything (empty library, “fetching content from google-drive…” message)… same thing for my apple tv.

Does the iCloud metadata sync not work for google drive shares?
Or is this the expected behavior?

Of course I have iCloud activated on all my devices and iCloud sync activated in Infuse settings.

thanks in advance

Data synced to iCloud will be unique for each share. So, if you have Plex share set up then add a Google Drive share, Infuse would need to index the files stored in Google Drive separately.

Once this indexing is done, the info will be available to other devices, which makes setting up libraries in the future much, much faster.

Thanks for your reply!

Sorry it seems I didn’t make it very clear. I know that Infuse has to reindex a new share. But after indexing the new google drive share completely on my iPad, any other device (iPhone, 2 ATVs) wants to index the google drive share from scratch (showing the “Fetching content for google drive” message in the library settings tab). The share itself gets synced correctly so I don’t have to add the share again. I thought that it would somehow sync the already indexed metadata to the other devices so I only have to refetch the artworks.

Is there a way to debug this process or see if the iPad correctly stored the data on iCloud?

Just to rule out some obvious things:

  • All my devices have iCloud configured and are linked to the same iCloud account
  • All my Infuse instances are “pro” and have iCloud Sync activated
  • I can see that infused stored 384.4 MB of Data on iCloud (Settings → My Name → iCloud → Manage Storage)

Ok, I think I have to apologize. The “Fetching content form goolge drive” message confused me and I misinterpreted this as a completely new index process… but after letting it run for about 3 minutes, all movies and shows suddently appeared…

Thanks for your great work and service, this thread can be closed now.


Yes, when setting up a new device, Infuse will need to take a quick peek at the file list, but once this is done it will pull down the previously fetched metadata, watched history, video specs, etc… from iCloud.

We’re planning to allow artwork to sync to iCloud in a future update, but for now each device will cache this directly from TMDb/TheTVDb.

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