iCloud and Trakt sync questions


I thought only Trakt could be used to sync watched history and position for in progress items.
However, when I’ve set up my second ATV and my iPhone, watched history has been transfered (I use iCloud sync only, and my ATVs are set up to use One Home Screen).
But not anymore, watched status is not synced.

So how does it work really ?

Also, I do not want to use a public website to track what I watch, how I watch it and when I watch it, so can’t iCloud be used to sync everything ?

Thank you !

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Items which are included in the Up Next List will be synced via iCloud. This will cover a lot of your in-progress items, but not your historical watched/unwatched status for other items.

FWIW, you can set your trakt account to private so the information is not public.

Thx James, now I understand.

As it works well for the Up next list, why not doing it for all the items via iCloud and only give the option of using Trakt to those who want to use it instead ?

When using Trakt, what exact information is sent… file name ? Date and time of viewing ?
I hate being tracked for what I do and when, so the least info I send is always the better, especially since the whole Facebook story.

At least iCloud is properly secured.

Thank you !

Syncing libraries to iCloud is something we may consider for a future update. Thanks!

Ah, now I understand why my watched status isn’t updated on my second ATV.
Thanks for clarifying.

I would love to be able to sync everything using iCloud, I just upgraded from Infuse 4 Pro to Infuse 5 Lifetime because it looked like I could get rid of Trakt using iCloud sync.

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