Icloud and new apple tv


So I use my INfuse7 PRO mainly for google drive videos.
I set it up on my iPhone and then it was perfectly working on my Ipad and AppleTV.
Then I tried to install it in my daughter’s apple TV.
I added my Apple store account, downloaded Infuse and it is correctly reported as Infuse7 PRO.
But, even if Icloud sync is on (on any device), on this apple TV is not showing up the Google drive. What Can I do?

my best

Library syncing is tied to your iCloud ID, which can be separate from the App Store purchase.

Apple devices are only allowed to sync with one Apple ID each, however this gets a bit confusing as the Apple TV allows for multiple users. If you want Infuse to sync with your Library, you will want to ensure the ‘Default User’ on Apple TV has your iCloud ID attached to it.