iCloud and Metadata

So as a user of 6.3 Pro version, I had a library of almost 700MB metadata with icloyd sync on. With the HDR tags on 6.4, I cleared metadata and rescaned my library. The thing is that it kept bringing back the iCloud backup, thus the HDR tags didn’t show. Turning iCloud sync off, clearing metadata and rescaning everything again from scratch solved the issue and I had 1GB of metadata. Turning, iCloud sync on again, caused the metadata count to climb to 2GB for some reason. The artwork or HDR tags are OK but I don’t know what’s going on with iCloud backup or why I got so high metadata count.

The local metadata size is recently going crazy for me too.
Usually it was 1GB all the time, but when I add something to the library (even one tv show episode) it climbs to 2GB.
But, and this is a news, yesterday I add a movie and now the size is…165 MB, impossible.
So it’s definitely broken.

I have a question about this as well. Is there any way to see these files and where and what is stored? I wouldn’t mind having the ability to see it and also have the ability perhaps to back it up somewhere else as well.

Can nobody answer this? I’d like to ensure I have a backup of the metadata I’ve had to manually choose in Infuse because I’ve had to do a lot of it and it’s time consuming. If anything goes wrong, I’d really like to have a regular backup of it.

Currently i don’t believe that you can view those files but as long as you use the iCloud sync your corrections along with many other settings should be saved to and restored from iCloud per the users guide here.

Thanks. Yeah I did read that but apps go wrong and screw up data unintentionally all the time so I’d really like the ability in the app then to back up my metadata. Perhaps that could be a feature request?

Already running here

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