New to this jailbreak thing , but it all seems great !
Managed to jailbreak Aptv2 and installed atv flash black !
Also installed icefilms ect, all is fine until the streaming is set to start , I get through all the menu downloading ect , but as soon asit get set to play the aptv crash,s and goes back to needing a teather connection to SeasOnPass ? This happens with all adons installed into xbmc and being operated through the video adons in video section. Am I missing a setting or is there something I should be setting in root ect ?

What ATV version are you running??? 4.3 or 4.4???

It sounds like you’re on 4.4 which requires the latest nightly to be installed. If you are on that version, try installing the latest xbmc nightly the old fashioned way, and not from the “Manage Extras” settings.