Icefilms Wait Time

After watching a movie using icefilms, if i go to watch another right away, the scrolling wheel turns for about 3 seconds, then nothing loads, It seems like i have to wait 10-15 minutes for the next one to load. Is this an XBMC issue, an Icefilms issue or even a MegaUpload issue? Never did this before. I currently just have the free account with MegaUpload.

Just want to make sure i don’t need to re-jailbreak or something like that. I’m on 4.4.4


Thanks in advance,

I have the exact same issues.  Switching between video’s or movies too quickly through Icefilms causes the videos to not load.  I have a couple other repositories without issues, so it’s either icefilms or Mega.  Any help would be appreciated. :)  (I realize this may not be the right forum…lol)

I too have a free account at MegaUpload.  When viewing on my mac, I’d always log into that first and open icefilms in a seperate chrome page to take advantage of shorter load times and extended daily usage.  But what I wonder is how can I enable this feature through the icefilms add-on on ATV2?


Edit: Solved. Found this on xbmc’s forum

"go to system/addons

go to enabled addons then video addons

click on icefilms, should bring up the info box.

scroll down to configure.

megaupload should be the middle item.

enter in your info and you should be good to go."

I have a free account but i think icefilms made it possible for 0 second wait time.

I don’t know how to log in mega upload to icefilm.Some one can show me how