Icefilms on ATV2 - low memory or full cache so can't FFwd on it

I’ve got an ATV2 and got XBMC up and running but with a TON of slowdowns, staggers and audio glitches when playing out of an SMB share.  I have an ATV 1 which runs everything - same files etc with no difficulty.

I have a question - I’ve got icefilms running thru xbmc and compared to my atv1 running of icefilms, it is far and above better - less buffering issues, I can actually pause it and not have to suffer thru a buffering every few minutes thereafter like on my atv1.  And it handles the HD videos much better…(i couldn’t get the atv1 to play most - it would stutter way too much or just hang)

So my question - while I could seek forward in some videos (not very well but it did try) on ATV1, I cannot do it on my ATV2 - it gives me a error notice at the bottom right of the screen (same place you get the plugin error notices) - that (sorry I’m at work and can’t remember the exact notice it gave) - my cache was full or my memory was low so could not FFWD.

I’m curious if this is at all related to XBMC on ATV2 not being able to play my videos in general - it just seems weird that it can stream movies better here (ethernet btw) than it can straight from my PC shares.


I have the same thing, ATV2 with ethernet connection and when you try to fast forward it says cache full. Whats t full of, these atv2 boxes have 8gb of internal storage don’t they? If anyone know how to clear the cache or is it just some things can’t be fast forwarded?