Icefilms not working

i have installed atv flash black 1.1 on some of my apple tv and i tried the plugin icefilms and they fail on all machine, what could cause the problem? is it a bug with the new version of atv black 1.1?

thank you for your quick reply

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thank james, any reasons for this? because its happening on 3 apple tv of mines all with version 1.1 atv black flash


No idea to be honest. It’s most likely an XBMC/Icefilms issue as these are entirely separate from aTV Flash (black).

ok thats good to know then.

thanks James

I agree with James have the old version of ATV flash and having the same issue… Think this happened a month or so ago… Directories load fine, it’s with the transfer of content… Think/Hope it should be cleared up in a day or so maybe less?

actually all worked fine today i think it was a problem with icefilm, now all the apple tv i had work fine, issue with their server i guess


Still getting the same error script error when launching the source

they are probably working on this issue but it has nothing to do with atv flash or xbmc, its the server at icefilm doing this. should be up again shortly,


Where Exactly is the “Other Plugins Section” to install icefilms ?


thank you


The “Other Plugins Section” is just another area of this message board. I suppose you posted in an inappropriate section before.

Have the same issue R&R Icefilms and now the new version of icefilms does not install, any suggestions? thanks

To install Icefilms you can use this tutorial;


Im still getting the script failed issue when trying to start a file. Is there a simple fix? It used to work before the recent ios 5 upgrade.


Might be best to perform a fresh restore? what worked for me was to find the icefilms add-on itself